Rotorua Mud Face Pack with Royal Jelly & Propolis

Rotorua Mud Face Pack with Royal Jelly & Propolis

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This is a highly effective mud face pack that gives you the concentrated deep cleansing, antiseptic and healing properties of Rotorua geothermal mud, enhanced with the natural antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties of Propolis and restorative qualities of Royal Jelly.

Royal Jelly is 100% natural and is vitamin and antioxidant rich that, along with moisturising qualities, work together to help minimise the appearance of skin ageing.

Royal Jelly also has beneficial antiseptic properties that help with the management of blemish prone skin.

This unique blend of ingredients helps to heal, smooth and rejuvenate your complexion.

This face pack also contains the absolute maximum content of Rotorua geothermal mud in its purest form, which is full of highly concentrated natural minerals, making it particularly beneficial for a face, hand, foot or all over body treatment.

Directions: Must be used on a clean skin. Apply evenly to the face avoiding the eye area and keeping clear of the hairline and mouth. Sit and relax for approximately 10-15 minutes while the face pack dries and draws out the impurities. It will start to feel tight and will gradually lighten in colour as it dries. When it is a mottled light and dark grey it is ready to remove. Do NOT allow it to dry to a complete light grey/white colour. Spritz the skin with warm water to assist with the easy removal of the pack and wash off with water or a soft wet towel. Remember to moisturise following any face pack treatment.

Size: 175ml